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DIM weight

How to calculate the DIM weight?

Frequently asked questions, take a look and see how to calculate the DIM weight.
For very large or odd sized packages we use DIM Weight or Dimensional Weight in lieu of the package's actual weight. This is done because the shippers and carriers cost of transporting a very large light package may be more than the cost of transporting a small heavy package.

We use DIM weight whenever the DIM Weight () exceeds the actual weight ().

In order to determine the DIM Weight of your package we use the formula below:

Length * width * height / 142 = DIM Weight
An international package that measures 38” * 22” * 17” and weights 63 pounds.

DIM Weight = 38” * 22” * 17” = 14,212 / 142 = 100 lb
Since the DIM Weight (100 lb) is greater than the actual weight (63 lb), the DIM weight will be used to calculate shipping costs.

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